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Human Access...

Is a project aiming to improve access to places for all of us.

Is all about using everyday technology to help each other's access to our environment.

Is not a project just for persons with disabilities. It's a project for ALL people who just want a more accessible environment.

Thanks to all our maptivists* out there we now have...

122 users who have rated 201 venues so far!

So keep rating!

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*Maptivism is activism through mapping

Did you ever want go out with your kids on a stroller?

Have you ever thought that...

... people on a wheelchair are facing similar problems when trying to enter a place with a doorstep in their entrance?


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Did you ever want to go an a relaxing place to have a friendly chat?

Have you ever thought that...

... people with hearing imapairements might also prefer quiet places that allow them to interact with their friends easier.

Did you ever want to go out on a romantic tet-a-tet?

Have you ever thought that...

... a place with romantic candle light might not be the best place for a person with low vision?


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For all these small (or big) problems in our everyday life

It would be nice to have some kind of infromation before choosing a cafe to go out. Before choosing the hotel for our summer holidays. Before choosing a restaurant for our dinner. Before we end up living experiences that frustrate and disapoint us. To avoid these kind of situations and help others avoid them too... join the Human Access community and start rating.